Tommy Granfors is a Finnish award-winning illustrator, Designer and Creative director based in Stockholm, Sweden.
After successfully finishing His studies in textile and Fashion design in 2001, Tommy worked for Several Global brands as Designer and Creative consultant until 2016 when Tommy switched His focus and started working as a concept designer at a local design studio in Stockholm with a focus on Visual communication and retail development projects. During this time Tommy successfully worked with a few of Sweden´s largest real estate developers and retail Market places to create their visual concepts for Campaigns and in season installations.
In 2020 Tommy decided to move forward with his curiosity for Graphic design by beginning studies in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tommy´s commercial and Personal works has been featured in Numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide.

Featured in Publications and TV
Surface magazine, View2 Magazine, Elle Sweden, TV 4, REVS magazine, SVT 1 and 2, Elle China, Style magazine, Life magazine China, Star TV, Damernas värld, Contributor magazine, Yle TV, Stockholm fashion week magazine, Helsingin sanomat, Aftonbladet, Hufvudstadsbladet, city lehti, Yolo Journal online and many more…

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